26 August 2012

A Public Service Announcement -- Part V

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5.) Missing from most profiles: The Other Side

As I’ve mentioned already, women are known for coming up with a long list of things that they want in a partner. Yet at the same time, they are deafeningly silent on the other side of this metaphorical scale. This other side of course would be detailing just what they specifically have to offer a prospective boyfriend/fiancé/husband.

It’s also noting that listing such traits would actually show how a given woman is dateable, and why a given man should choose her to “date and mate” with over any of the myriads of other women around him. Everybody has options these days. Most guys have at least two or three solid options, and many have more. It’s up to a woman to note what exactly makes her “a cut above the rest.”

More and more men are starting to pay attention to that little bit. Everybody’s “caring, honest, attractive, and fun.” Or, to put it more bluntly:

“Suppose you woke up tomorrow morning and were rushed to the emergency room. The surgeon on duty tells you that you have developed a rare disease that will take your life—and the only known life-saving cure is to permanently remove your vagina and seal up the cavity. Upon getting the procedure, what else do you have to offer your man?”

Surely you do have something else to offer, right? Right?

Sadly, a growing number of men (myself again included) are noting that many of the women out there are effectively reducing themselves to flesh-and-blood sex toys, for these women never make it known what they offer besides the three holes in their bodies. And women are wondering why men are going overseas, resorting to Internet pornography, or spending thousands of dollars on life-like sex dolls? Well, if many of the women around a given man have little more to offer him than mediocre and unenthusiastic sex on a rather-irregular basis, he might as well forego the local woman and either travel to another land or buy a sex doll.

Yes, us guys are interested in more than just sex. And for many of us, we’re thinking about it, but we’re going to wait to act until we decide a woman is actually girlfriend material. Yes, there are many of us who do in fact screen women and aren’t looking just for sexual release. There are many of us who do in fact understand that sex is but one variable in the great relationship equation. I strongly recommend that you read this post; the author there articulates this concept far better than I can.

The choice is yours, and by failing to mention what you offer the prospective men who pay visits and send you messages, you’re not showing why you’d be a better option than a trip to Korea, subscribing to a couple of porn sites, or buying a high-quality sex doll. In effect, you are obsoleting yourself at your own peril. Men have options, and they as a class of people are actually daring to exercise them en masse. Will you keep up or fall behind? 

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