29 November 2012

Concerning the Sexual and Marriage Markets -- Part V (Fifth Piece)

[Due to the sheer length of this Part, it is being posted in smaller pieces for the sake of readability. Here is the fifth piece.]

Sub-Part E: The Porn Stars

This last category contains what most people would think of when they hear the term “porn acting.” Specifically, women in this category are involved in performing sexually in front of the camera or an audience. Thus, this category also contains exotic dancers, and some (but not all) who do burlesque theatre. These models also continue the trend of “the more they do with less clothes, the more it impacts their values.”

Few wouldn’t argue that within the common society, porn stars command among the highest levels of sexual adoration. Their SMVs are through the roof and the staple of the everyman’s fantasies—for many an “average Joe,” the idea of dating and having sex with a porn star and the resulting ego and (perceived) social boosts resonate loudly. Most of the models are near (or at) the very zeniths of their attractiveness and sexuality and it is no wonder that many are using that by literally performing sexually for the world to see.

But herein lay the rub: with that insane rise in sexual value comes the utter destruction of her marriageability. First and foremost is that even in modern America, the idea is that a woman with a high number of sexual partners is still generally seen as a poor marriage choice for two major reasons:

-Historically, women with a high number of sex partners were regarded as prostitutes (and indeed, a great many were), and the conservative, Puritan-based mores declared them to be sinful and relegated to the fringes of civil society (think “low-class” and “something most fathers feared”).
-The perception remains that a woman with a high number of sexual partners is more prone to adultery and otherwise not forming a strong marital bond—thus the man may not be fully assured that the children springing from the union are biologically his.

This second reason is particularly strong and persistent because it taps into a primordial and near-universal belief that underlies the prizing of female virginity in most human societies: the assurance to a man that he truly has natural and biological heirs who can perpetuate his legacies, status, and effect on society.  A woman who has slept around before marriage thus was seen as a woman who not only could not provide that assurance, but also possibly disease.

With most models who do porn (save for the ones who strictly limit themselves to “solo” action), she has by definition had sexual affairs with a variety of men, all in the course of production.

And while modern society has contraceptives and other means to prevent both pregnancy and the transmission of most sexually-transmitted infections, the fears still remain embedded in the human fabric and are therefore carried forward even though the contemporary culture is drenched in a glorification of sex.

On top of this is the idea that because the porn model’s SMV is even higher than that of the nude model’s, she is thus seen by most men as being mostly a sexual fantasy instead of a serious choice for a long-term marital prospect. Unlike the nude models though, her value is completely defined not just merely as her own body, but also by the sex she’s had and her perceived ability to pleasure a man in bed. And, after a while, her partner is going to find that the thrill of dating a porn actress wears off, in no small part because the idea that scores of other men are obtaining sexual satisfaction by viewing her sexual activity in medias res is often very unsettling for a great many men. After all, if all of these men get to see her naked and having sex for next to nothing, what’s so special about her that justifies him having to pay the bills for a LTR with her?

The answer: nothing. Even the sex can be viewed as a veritable left-over—and frankly just underscores the fact that the guy in an LTR with a porn-star is the consummate sucker. He gets to pay for everything that other men have (and to an extent still are) getting for next to nothing. Very likely, he gets to pay for the privileges that other men got paid to enjoy on film.  Ultimately, there’s no fairness, honour, or justice in that, and this is what many men ultimately realise: she is at the minimum a sexual fantasy, and at best a human sex doll.

Neither of which translate into traits that would make for a stable LTR, much less a strong and happy marriage.  

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