29 November 2012

Concerning the Sexual and Marriage Markets -- Part V (Final Piece)

[Due to the sheer length of this Part, it is being posted in smaller pieces for the sake of readability. Here is the sixth and final piece.]

Sub-Part F: Common Threads and the Part’s End Notes

Among most of the above sections one can find a common thread: perceptions become reality. Even though they may not be true, and many would argue are outright stereotypes that are quite antiquated, people still hold on to them. And the effects still remain.

As a clear example: I mentioned in the topless subsection that there remains a wide belief that many models either lack personality and/or that they are quite unpleasant to be around outside of the bedroom. More specifically, it’s thought that because said models are attractive and have sexual appeal, they didn’t have to really cultivate a pleasant personality in their younger years; instead they were able to flaunt their bodies and rely on the sheer draw said flaunting provided.

This perception destructs her MMV further as she necessarily has to work overtime to combat those perceptions versus a woman who hasn’t done any modelling. A given model may in fact be classy, feminine, loving, and a devoted woman who would make an excellent wife and mother. But, because she has modelled in certain ways, she is seen as being anything but—and she thus has to convince men who may see her as little more than a proverbial piece of meat that she has those attributes.

And, as is often seen among topless, nude, and porn models, a great many of them simply are either unable or unwilling to put in that level of effort towards their man. This is even more apparent if the said man isn’t also of high SMV and MMV or otherwise seen as “attractive” and “desirable” by other women, that is, if he is literally just another “average Joe” and not a status or sex symbol in his own right.

Then, there are the trends.

Notice the trends with topless, nude, and porn models: as a result of a given model having her MMV dropped, more men don’t consider her to be quality material for a LTR, but instead will tend to view her as perhaps a casual girlfriend at best, and perhaps only a sex buddy. Notice how this grows as she reveals more and more of her body and sexuality. Now, notice how it always seems that very few of those models end up with stable, lasting relationships and marriages.

The men have noticed. And the verdict isn’t kind towards the model (or ex-model) who at some point decides that she wants to have a husband, 2.4 kids, a dog, a nice house, and the white picket fence in the suburbs. The line of men willing to line up for a casual fling, brief dating, or perhaps as an affair is quite long. Not so for men who’d still pick her up and put an expensive engagement ring on her finger.

In other words, the pool of men who would still give serious thought to being in a serious LTR shrinks dramatically. She’s far more likely to run into men who are only going to be interested in sex with her and not the other parts of a stable and healthy relationship. In a very real sense, it is an inextricable part of the price she pays for being a certain type of model. After all, actions do in fact have consequences.

Sure, in the short term, there’s the novelty and the ego and status boosts that often comes with having an attractive girlfriend who gets naked on camera. Most men like being considered “walking gods” because their new girlfriend is literally seen as a sex symbol.  Often though, there comes a point to where the sex and the ego-boost by themselves become insufficient to keep the relationship stable.  All too often, time itself reveals that in the end there was no other glue to bind the relationship, and it falls apart like a cheap trinket.

As the old saw goes: “for every attractive girl out there, there are several men who are fed up with her act.” How true that is, and I am willing to bet that most topless, nude, and porn models have never really thought of that.

With all of this being said, and admittedly in a somewhat-harsh manner, I again wish to emphasise that what I have said here is not to be taken as an ethical or moral judgement on whether or not modelling is right or wrong, or whether certain types of modelling should in themselves be seen as acceptable or not; those judgements I leave for each man and woman who face the issue. They, and they alone are the only ones who can weigh out the evidence and make their choices accordingly. But, I do consider it wise to consider the ramifications that come with a decision, and here is clearly no exception. For in the end, the piper demands and exacts his due after every decision we make and every act we take.

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