28 November 2012

Concerning the Sexual and Marriage Markets -- Part V (Fourth Piece)

[Due to the sheer length of this Part, it is being posted in smaller pieces for the sake of readability. Here is the fourth piece.]

Sub-Part D: Nude Modelling

Beyond merely going topless, a model can also pose nude. The ramifications of posing nude are quite severe to a woman’s MMV even though she often sees a huge boost in her SMV, and in particular her ability to draw the attention of more men.

In the relationships market, the problem she faces is that she too often finds that the intentions of the men are all too often geared towards anything but a stable LTR. One can reasonably posit that this state obviously indicates a severely damaged MMV.  Why is that?

The nude model faces a similar quandary to that of the topless models. She obviously has the exposure of many men, but these men tend to view her primarily as a sexual object, fantasy, or conquest. Even though she may strongly desire a stable LTR with a man who doesn’t just want her because of her body, she will invariably find that such a man is going to be incredibly difficult to find, and if she has high standards herself, that may turn into “virtually impossible to find.”

The fact that the same presumptions made against the topless models with regards to her personality and tastes in men are held even tighter against the woman who poses nude doesn’t help her case at all.

Her naked body—something that most decent men would rightly argue is something that should be reserved for their eyes (and admiration) only is on public display for anybody and everybody to see. Often, nothing is left to the imagination, and millions of other men can know exactly how that woman is going to look if she were naked on any of their beds.
But, there’s something else in play.

Fundamentally speaking, there exists the usual basic understanding that underlies the principle of sexual exclusivity in most LTRs, as most LTRs are not true “open” relationships. As a generality, it’s usually understood that neither partner will engage in another relationship or be sexually intimate with other people—in short, the naked bodies of each partner is the exclusive domain of that couple.  The clear violation of this basic principle by exposing herself in front of a camera is the exact vehicle by which her MMV is effectively laid to waste.

If a guy can see her bared breasts and genitals for paying, say, $20 to a website, where exactly is the incentive for him to offer his commitment to her? He’s not obtaining exclusive access to her sex, but still fully able to derive sexual pleasure by way of her depictions and quite possibly the resulting fantasies. Sure, one can argue  “it’s not the same as having sex with her.” Nevertheless, she can be said to be providing sexual pleasure to other men, just not directly.

Thus the fundamental principle of exclusivity is still violated. And, if that principle is violated, why then should he fulfil his end of the “grand bargain” by offering his exclusive commitment? The truth is: there is no rational reason.

There can be no rational reason if she is also sending another critically unpalatable message to prospective partners: despite any other attributes she may have that may otherwise possess, the emphasis she places on her naked body overrules any of those traits. In other words, she is emphasising her nudity and downplaying any other attributes to her that may raise her MMV; another way of saying this is that she’s reducing herself down to her breasts and what lies between her legs.

There’s nothing then that sets herself apart from any of the other millions of women out there except for the fact that she’s easier to see naked—and one can do so without having to deal with her in person or spend a lot of money. And there’s very little that would separate her from a well-built sex doll. In fact, one could say by virtue of modelling nude and thus damaging her MMV, she has openly admitted that she sees herself as little more than a flesh-and-blood sex toy.

And what if she continues to model in the nude while in a relationship? What if the man decides he wants his partner/spouse to stop and she doesn’t? She’s using her body to sexually gratify other men by way of her nude modelling, and even though said other men aren’t physically having sex with her, one can still reasonably argue that she’s effectively cuckolding her partner, albeit indirectly.

While dating a nude model might give a man an ego-boost, most of them also recognise that the novelty wears off after a while, and becomes far more of a liability. She’s already letting other men see her naked body (and sexually arouse themselves over the depictions of her) for a fee. She’s effectively set her price. What’s stopping her from a studio offering her more money in exchange for her having sex (or even just, say, masturbating) on camera and therefore moving to porn modelling? About the only thing would be her feelings toward her partner, and specifically if she has the integrity to place her relationship with her partner above the money.

This of course would highly depend on the level of trust the man can place in her, which is something that she really needs to build up in spades if she doesn’t at some point want her nude modelling to be used against her in decisions pertaining to the relationship. But the truth is that many such women are again either unable or unwilling to put forth that level of effort towards most men. As a result, it is not unreasonable to argue that most long-term relationships with a nude model are effectively doomed from the start.

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