28 November 2012

Concerning the Sexual and Marriage Markets -- Part V (Third Piece)

[Due to the sheer length of this Part, it is being posted in smaller pieces for the sake of readability. Here is the third piece.]

Sub-Part C: Topless Modelling

Moving down the list, we begin to enter classes of modelling that often tend to have an adverse longer-term impact on marriageability on women. By its very nature, topless modelling is arguably done with sexual intent, and namely to evoke feelings of sexual arousal in other men while channelling the resulting attention towards her. While a topless model can see a nice spike in her current SMV, she also takes a big hit in her MMV.

How so, you might ask?

In much of Anglo-American society, female breasts are seen as evocative of sexuality. Hence publications and websites that tend to just show bared female breasts still have to comply with restrictions and laws that apply to pornography and other adult sites.  We also have this idea that by and large, the only person (outside of the medical field) who has any business in viewing a woman’s bared breasts should only be her significant other.

Thus by modelling topless, the woman is exposing a culturally sensitive area of her body that is still usually seen by society as private. Most often, she’s doing it for pay with the open intention of titillating other men who are most likely not her significant other, or at least a serious prospect for one. While many men would appreciate the ego boost of having a “hot” girlfriend who’s also a successful topless model, most also realise that dating one often presents more problems in terms of trust and personality.

Like the lingerie model, her topless repertoire is enough to “get the foot in the door,” particularly with higher-status men. But, it too isn’t enough to sustain a relationship, and especially so if the man has an eye towards a stable LTR (e.g. marriage) instead of a “casual dating” or other “short-term” scenario.  She will not only need to bring more to the metaphorical table, but she will need to buttress it in spades.

Often, there exists a strong presumption that many (if not most) topless models have a lot of personality and social issues. For example, it’s rather widely believed that many such models are attractive enough to a point where they haven’t had to cultivate any sort of personality traits or sociability. Why? While they were in the throes of puberty, they discovered that men were already interested in their bodies—and as a result, they were often able to have the “pick of the litter” when it came to the men who were (and often are) vying for her attention.

In short, many of these women found that they almost literally could just let their breasts do the convincing without any further effort on her part. The fact they do topless modelling further cements that idea.

Of course, this fact also has this habit of spinning concerns into the minds of many men: is topless modelling really all that she did, or did she attempt to do more? Would she strip naked and/or have sex with other men on camera if someone offered her enough money for the shoot? Is she actually looking for a “bigger, better deal” through her modelling? How is she going to treat me? And is she going to prioritise her modelling ahead of our relationship?

And for many men, the risk of fallout (manifested in ways such as jealousy and suspicion) as a result of these concerns is often pushed past a point where the effort required on his part no longer makes any sense for him, meaning that the risks and obligations eventually outweigh any benefits he is receiving. Remaining with her is thus a continual loss on the proverbial ledger.

Because of this, topless models must necessarily work harder than the previous classes to build and maintain the levels of trust and open communication that are inherently critical of any meaningful LTR. One way of looking at this is that she’s in a bit of a hole, and now she must show her man that she is willing to climb her way out of it.  That act in and of itself takes effort and is often humbling—and the pertinent question is: “is she willing to do just that for the man she allegedly loves?”

More and more men simply are convinced the answer is “No” and would need to be shown that she’s serious about it. That’s all on her.

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