22 November 2012

Words of wisdom from Badger

"That’s the difference in our agendas. And women never seem to understand that sexual access is the highest, most direct assignment of value they can give a man – they think they are complimenting men when they tell them “you’re a great guy and you’ll make some woman really lucky someday! Those badboys I sleep with are just short-term flings, I’m not serious about them.”

F that noise. It also puts the lie to the conventional wisdom that sex is REALLY REALLY DEEP and IMPORTANT to women, and they won’t give it away except to a guy they think is a really good match. Women want to have sex with men that turn them on. A lot of them can’t say no even when the guy is very bad for them; I’ve come to realize that women’s complaint about men “thinking with their little head” is projection."

Quoted from http://whoism3.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/the-difference-between-the-sexes-explained-in-10-seconds/

I'll add that women can think with their vaginas as much as men can think with their penises. It's equally possible with either sex.

The "you're a really great guy..." doesn't mean much in the context of dating because it invariably happens when the woman isn't physically interested in the man. I've heard that more times than I count and while yes, it's always nice to get a compliment, in ever felt as though I warranted THAT compliment. Telling me I'm good at my job or at playing guitar is fine because I know I'm good at those things, but saying "you're a great guy..." is too general to work.

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