04 December 2012

An excellent post about shy women

Cato and I have nothing to add. This article lays down why shy women and girls make good girlfriends.

As a man who's dating a lovely woman who'd describe herself as shy, Victor knows his stuff.



  1. I didn't appreciate the racism. Or most of the article. It screams, I NEED A WEAK WOMAN TO MAKE MYSELF CONFIDENT IN MY MASCULINITY! I don't see myself that way.

    1. There is nothing wrong of wanting a shy woman because it speaks more of innocence, sweetness and being adorable. It doesn't mean he wants a weak woman since you are in fact misinterpreting it as such. (By the way I am a woman)

      How is it considered racism? The last time I checked racism is about race or colour (European Spelling just in case since you seem a bit slow). Do you mean sexism? Of course you don't see yourself because you're jumping the conclusion and you're making it into a negative thing.

      Please do yourself a favor by properly educate yourself, as well take your Midol or Pamprin and eat Chocolate then you won't be so cranky and actually understand his words.

      Lovely blog by the way! ^_^