14 March 2013

Cato Gets Caught Up on Linkage, Round II

The Manosphere is chock full of interesting thoughts. Some are useful, some provide advice to men lost in the proverbial wilderness known as the "contemporary dating scene," and others allow men to vent steam over various frustrations.

Like the last post, I still have many links to various authors. All of these posts are ones that Chewie and I thought were interesting and quite possibly useful to other men who like us have been wandering in the forest. So, without further ado, here is a mega-edition of linkage:

1.) First up is this piece by Carolina Courtland on the idea of a "Man Translator." Often it's not just what a woman says on her profile or in conversation, it's how she says it and how it can be read "between the lines" by the guy. Most of the examples presented here are very similar to what Chewie and I (along with scores of other guys) have seen out in the field.

2.) As an add-on to the posts I've made regarding men and women, and commitment and sex, a particularly well-written post by The Private Man delves further into the idea of men being the veritable "gatekeepers" of commitment and what that exactly entails.

3.) The Red Pill Room offers this interesting tidbit (and I'll admit I'm biased because I am the proud owner of an actual black fedora made by Stetson).

4.) Much ado has been said about the metaphorical "hamster" that quite a few women seem to possess. In this piece, Dannyfrom504 provides some excellent insight into the behaviours of said "hamster..."

5.) Another good post by Dannyfrom504 goes into the concept of "Let's Just Be Friends" (aka "LJBF"). For the guys, this is definitely worth reading and bookmarking.

6.) Badger's post on the female condition (actually a guest post written by the popular blogger Deti) has struck both Chewie and I as being quite true, particularly with a lot of the western women our age that we've known through the years.

7.) Over the years, Chewie and I have long held the hypothesis that most of the women we see practice a paradigm referred to as "Alpha Fscks and Beta Bucks." Heartiste has a good writeup on the phenomenon here...

8.) Let's face it: most straight guys enjoy the thought of getting n00dz from the girls. It's something that's probably as old as Adam. Dannyfrom504 has a very interesting piece on scoring them.

9.) While not a blog post, I wholeheartedly agree with this idea. How is this relevant? A mutual female friend of Chewie and I had a very good saying regarding women that applies to the guys. To paraphrase it: "The woman who really likes you will make no bones about it and will go the extra mile for you."

(Image Credit: Demotivate.me)

[Written by Cato, posted by Chewie]

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