09 March 2013

Reblog: Dannyfrom504: Bubblegum

Manosphere blogger Dannyfrom504 lays it down here. He lights many of the things that Cato and I have written about on this blog and then some. Emphasis is mine. Reported in its entirety because of its brevity and insight.:

was talking with a girl at the hospital last night and she knows about the site asked me about the sexual double standard. it was the typical, “why aren’t guys sluts for banging a bunch of girls but if a girl fucks a bunch of guys she’s a total slut.” *sigh*
even with the key/lock analogy, i wasn’t getting through to her. the hamster was strong with this one. so i had too change tactics and go in for a direct assault-
“marrying or committing to a slut is like finding a piece of chewed bubble gum on a park bench and deciding that it’d be a good idea to put it in your mouth.”
this got her. she made the face. you know the face, the face that shows a light bulb went off. she tried to throw it back at me by saying that that applies to men as well. and i simply told her that the analogy doesn’t apply to men because in terms of relationships, women don’t care about gum. the more chewed the gum, obviously the better it is since everyone wants a piece.
i FINALLY got through to her, and i asked her how old she was and if she’s had at least 5 sex partners. she admitted she had and she was 19. i asked her if it were safe to say she typically dates 2-3 guys in a year. she again, said that that sounded about right.
“then, by averages, you’ll have slept with 15 men by the time she’s 24 (her prime in the SMP as i explained to her) IF she were to only date 2 guys a year and 20 if it were 3. “you my dear are on the carousel. the cock carousel. now i’m only i’m not counting the miscellaneous hook-up’s you might have. and see, the guys you’re turning down now. they’re the ones that are probably marriage minded, will probably want NOTHING to do with you when you decide you want to “settle down”. part of my site is to teach guys how to spot the chewed bubble gum from the fresh pieces. and i tell men they need to post-pone marriage until they get in their 30′s, because then, they have more options. and you’re natural hypergamous instincts (had to explain hypergamy to her) means the older you are, the less likely the men you’re attracted to will want you. since, you know, she’s chewed gum on a park bench. and since a 32 year old guy typically has his shit together better than a 26 yo guy, that 32 yo man has MANY more options than a 30 yo woman. hell, i haven’t had more than a FWB deal with women in their 30′s for the last 4-5 years. the women i date now tend to be 19-24. and i’m damn near 40.”
this had her on the ropes. i explained to her that this indeed the time to figure what she needs with a guy, and i know all to well that a former slut can see the err in her ways and make a change and doesn’t mean she’s rooned, but….that her partner number counts to quality men. she of course replied that she’ll be maried by then. i el-oh-el’d and told her i’d bet money she’ll end up pregnant, then get married, then divorce in about 5 years. that i had seen this happen NUMEROUS times in my 19 years in the military. AND after the marriage ends, she’ll probably be close to 30 and her chances to find another long term partner will diminish significantly. then told her the story of my friend back in san deezy. how the SAME.EXACT.THING happened to her. she’s now 29 and she’s finally to a point where she’s sick of men and instead will concentrate on her son. she was basically a pump and dump for every guy she dated after her divorce. her relationships didn’t last more than 6 months (hello, my “rule of 3′s) after her marriage ended. the i NAILED her-
“but of course, this won’t happen to YOU right?” she said nothing. i told her i wasn’t trying to be a dick or to scare her, but just wanted her to be aware of the reality of the modern SMP. from a man who’s knee deep in it and has a LOT of experience with this shit. all the emails i get from women, reading the testimony of women and men who’ve been through divorce. i can only tell her the truth, what she does with it is on her. “just food for thought, you do the dishes girl.”
chewed bubble gum is my new go-to analogy for the SMP in regards to partner count.

From: http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/bubble-gum/

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