31 March 2013

Reblog: Stagedreality's "What I want to do to discourage fat"

The writer Leap of a Beta recently wrote a thought-provoking post on his blog Staged Reality in which he assessed one practical side of fatness: how to support the extra weight. His uses his career in theater to illustrate how bigger people put more strain on objects and may not know it. It also shows how people can and will do things that you did not predict.

The emphasis is mine.
As I told her, those costs express themselves in healthcare, public transportation, and labor costs. What I hadn’t thought about then, though think of constantly, is the added cost of reinforcing every damn thing we use every day. Which is weird, because I think about it constantly as a scene designer and carpenter. I have to know the weight of the actors using what I design and build so that it’s safe. Everything from decking, to furniture, to walls. A 300 pound person leaning against a temporary wall is a big difference than a 180 pound person. And dear lord, don’t give actors coffee tables unless you tell them who can and can’t stand on it. Because they will get it into their heads to stand on it. These furniture pieces aren’t designed for people to stand on them to begin with, let alone someone obese. I’ve had to repair things directors stand on because they ignored me when i told them it was only rated for the 140 lb lead actress to stand on, not for the 6’2″ director to stand on. Today I had a couch break because the 300 pound stage manager sat on it in the middle (where it takes weight the worst) when it was an antique piece chosen to be able to hold the weights of two actors sitting on it at the sides, as you normally would.
Read more here: http://stagedreality.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/what-i-want-to-do-to-discourage-fat/

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