24 May 2013

Is A Bachelor's Degree Worth It? -- Final Thoughts

After looking at all of the data as well as reflecting back on our experiences, the answer to the namesake question is obviously not one that can be answered with a simple "yes or no" answer. There are a lot of factors and ideas to take into account, and we believe that future policy should undertake, include, and reflect deep deliberations into both the policy itself and its ramifications.

To us, two things are clear: education is a virtue that should not be withheld from people, and that the current situation facing students and graduates is harming the already-perilous economic situation. Yes, it's a good thing for people to receive more education, but we also shouldn't be setting up situations where they won't be able to effectively apply what they've learned. Nor should they have to incur serious amounts of debt that cripple their life options.

Here's to the vision that we all can work together and figure out solutions that stop the metaphorical bleeding yet retain our historical reputation for innovation and liberty.

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