20 May 2013

Is A Bachelor's Degree Worth It? -- Intro

It's been said that today going to college is a rite of passage for young Americans fresh out of high school, and that to succeed, one needs to further their education by going off to college. However, that basic assertion is increasingly being challenged given the tepid economic recovery and the ever-present concerns regarding employment that are plaguing the present American economy.

This issue is weighing heavily on everyone's minds for a plethora of reasons. To be sure, there are social and political ramifications for the current malaise affecting the younger generations. Then there are the obvious economic issues that are arising partly as a result of degree-holders having difficulty finding gainful and meaningful employment in their fields.

What we've decided to do here is break up our thoughts on this issue into several sections. Largely, many of these sections can be broken down further into a "Yes, going to college and getting a degree is worth it" and "In this time, there are better alternatives for many people." It's worth noting that while many people think politically and can be pigeonholed into "liberal vs. conservative" or "Democrat vs. Republican," it's really not that cut-and-dried.

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