09 June 2013

Reblog from Erudite Knight: "More Okcupid feminism"

We have nothing add except that we couldn't agree more.

The Erudite Knight nails it here:

I havent trolled okc in a while, but I came across one girls profile I just could not believe how steeped in feminism it was.  Allow me, Erudite Knight to translate this for you, both what she says, and how a guy who gets it interprets it. 
To sum up, I am self-sufficient and independent and happy, so I’m just looking for a nice cherry-on-top addition in the form of a guy who also has his own act together. Friends of mine have told me that I’d be less single if I were less smart, or at least pretended to be, but I’ve been refusing that notion my whole life. If you’re scared of a lady with brains, I’m not for you. Also, you should grow a pair. 
Girl: First sentence: ‘I’m a woman, hear me roar! Oh, and with following feminist doctrine, I know men are disposable.’ 2nd: ‘I am really vain, and I am going to be way smarter than you, because well I am just so great, guys cant compare’3rd: ‘Im smarter than you, I hope you realize that before you grovel at my feet’ 4th: ‘Btw, I want an emasculated man…but please MAN UP!’ 
As a guy: 1st: ‘Wow, what a typical feminist bitch.  You are so ‘great’ and individual like all the others right?  Why the fuck would I want to contact you just to be your cherry on top?’ 2nd: ‘Sounds like you are pretty fucking stupid, do you think any guy is going to be amazed “well shit, her friends tell her she is hot, she must be a god damn GEN-NI-ASS!”  Maybe if I meet her and she is really stupid she is just “pretending” to be so she can meet a guy. 
3rd: ‘I got news for you, people who TRULY have skills, looks, intelligence do NOT have to brag or especially do these backdoor brags.  Yo, hey girl, my friends tell me if my body wasn’t as chisled as it is, and if I wasnt as badass as I am normal humans might approach me.’ 4th:  ‘Why, exactly, should I be growing a pair here?  Because you want a guy in some sort of near-slave capacity, and if I dare complain about it its because I am not “man” enough?  Why you don’t grow some breasts?’

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  1. Hey thanks for the reblog, you should see how utterly insane it is on there, that was a utterly typical profile I used.

  2. eruditeknight~

    It is our pleasure to reblog your post. Your analysis is, as we have noted, spot-on.

    The state of affairs over there is utterly insane, and I can also tell you as one who has done moderation on OkCupid, that the example you've used is actually quite tame compared to some of the things I've seen over the years.

    Suffice it to say, the same sad story can be seen on most of the other popular dating sites. In particular, I've found DateHookup to be particularly full of rather egregious examples.