14 August 2013

Around The Pyramids -- Fin

Our Final Notes and Conclusion:

Both Chewie and I have heard of several different "opportunities" over the last several months that either of us or someone we know were solicited by. Some of these include:
  • Avon 
  • WakeUpNow 
  • NuSkin
  • Mary Kay
  • Passion Parties
  • Cutco 

For what it is worth, Chewie sold Cutco knives for a bit back in college (and still raves over their knives). I was involved in retail sales for commission at a couple of points in high school and college--and I still have the Zig Ziglar tapes I used to listen to floating around somewhere.

Of these, the only ones that in our eyes appear to even be remotely reputable are Cutco and the "passion parties." Why? Both of those have tangible products that are in clear demand (one sells decent-quality-but-somewhat-pricey knives and the other sells sex toys for women) and the emphasis is quite obviously on the product and not trying to enlist others into distributorship.

As for the others? After reading through some of the materials and watching various videos online, it appears to us that these all seem either too pushy/desperate, too much like an illegal pyramid scheme (read: shady), and/or offer inferior products compared to what is available on the market. Thus, we remain sceptical about the legality, ethics, and practicality of someone getting involved with these plans.

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